Under Construction

I have gone insane and am no longer able to update my blog…


My Insanity Check  is being relaunched in June 2016

Soon you will be able to once again tune in and be entertained, encouraged and/or challenged by my blundering attempts at finding sanity in my crazy life.

If you would like updates on how things are going or what will be changing you can contact me by email at myinsanitycheck@gmail.com (Subject: Updates) or follow me on Instagram.

I hope you’ll join me in laughter and tears as I learn to balance the six elements of my life; Daughter of the King, Wife of a {former} Marine, Mother of 3, Group Home House Parent of 27+, Friend, & Artist. 

In June with the website launch I will also be launching my new series


#LITTLEMOMENTS will focus on the little moments in our every day lives that encourage us and get us through the insanity of life when we want to give up and bury our heads in the sand. Contact me for more information if you would like to be a contributor to #LITTLEMOMENTS 

Local Photographer, Eve Thrasher, will be featured in June’s #LITTLEMOMENTS
check out her work at http://www.evethrasher.com


Writing Woes

This morning I decided February is the month I am getting my book to my editor! I got up early found a quiet place and got all set up to continue revising my novel. 


Then I sat down and discovered almost five pages I had worked on didn’t save! 

I wanted to quit! 

I won’t but you bet your butt I’ll be fantasizing about it in my dreams tonight. 

The pages that didn’t save are from the section of the book I had the HARDEST time writing and revising. 

Thankfully I have a husband that supports and encourages my writing and a friend that sends me messages like this.  


You know what? She was right. In my opinion what I wrote tonight was WAY better than it was before. I’m actually really excited about it. 

The day has gone from writing woes to writing wahoos.