Middle America

Bio: I am a coffee junkie, picture taking, adventure seeking, comic book nerd who loves writing but loves being a wife and mother more. I used to have this kick-ass blip about me but when I changed my blog theme I lost it! iNsAne, right? Yeah well that’s my life! I started mY iNsAniTy CheCk almost 5 years ago when the Hubs told me I needed to find a hobby if I want to maintain my sanity. That was back when we had two toddlers we had dubbed the “Dynamic Duo” and a newborn who had MSPI. Oh and you know, we were running a group home for beyond-at-risk teenage girls coming out of lock-down facilities. 32 teenagers, another baby and 3.5 years later the Hubs told me I needed to get back to my hobby and back to SaNiTy. I was spending 95% of my time at the NICU with our baby aka our “Homie with an extra Chromie”. I was also losing my grip on sanity because our three kiddo’s (now dubbed “The Moonsters”) were at home with friends and/or family and couldn’t visit. Now a-days we live in a 29’ travel trailer and have landed simi-permanently in small town Mid-America. Waiting and praying for our next adventure in ministry. About a week ago we were supposed to hit the road when that fell through I battled iNsAniTy by remolding part of our trailer and then chopped off my hair. That’s when the Hubs walked in and said “YOU NEED A HOBBY”. So here I am once again continuing on my quest to Glorify God with my crazy life. This time in a travel trailer...while homeschooling..and advocating for Down Syndrome Awareness...and working part time. My job, my number of kids, my ministry, my home, my car, my location, my contact prescription, and my hair may have all changed in this last INSANE year but three things remain the same. 1. I believe that God is good no matter what iNsAniTy is going on in my life HE IS GOOD. 2. I know I am saved by grace through Jesus' death on the cross, His resurrection from the grave and His ascension to heaven and you can be too. 3. I believe I have the best husband in the world, he's far from perfect but I know he is perfect for me! (be sure to read this last paragraph with a southern accent because that is how it was written!)

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