Little Moments

June of 2014 our family experienced a tragedy. Our dear friends went from living 1.2 miles away to living 275 miles away. 

There were many tears that June (it was also the month we discovered the 2 month old suckling at my bosom had an MSPP intolerance). Despite the move we have been blessed to see them relatively often.   

Okay so this is what I remind myself and my kiddos even though mentally I’m screaming: “relatively often???? Who are you beeping kidding? They are literally over 200 times further away than they used to be! We never ever see them! Woe is me! Boo-who-who! *stomp* *kick* *cry* 

I’m sure now you can see why I assure myself, oh yeah, and my kids  that we see them relatively often.  


None of that matters today because the wait is over.

Our dear friends are back in town. Even though I won’t get to see my friend, I will get to watch her two bigs. 

The excitement was extreme and the squealing was deafening as we went to “their” park. The oldest three talked non-stop about the times they used to have at said park. 

For the record in this case “talked non-stop” is not an expression.  These kids literally DID NOT stop talking. My oldest was red in the face and I had to remind him to take a breath! 


The day is not over and the waterworks will be extreme when it ends but in the words of all five kids.