Meet Connor


This is my first ever house plant.

Something snapped in me yesterday.

I wanted a plant of my own.

My oldest two have successfully grown many plants with their fathers aid and by golly I was going to as well! 

Last fall I turned 50 old cans and 50 wine bottles into candle holders for a charity fund raiser (I still have dozens left if you would like to make a donation!). 

I selected one of the refurbished cans and re-purposed it yet again. This time into a planter.

I love power tools so I drilled a few holes in the very bottom and along the lower rim (for drainage).  If you don’t have or don’t like using power tools a hammer and nail works as well. 


Next I filled the bottom with river pebbles (the hubby has EVERYTHING needed for garden related projects).  


While I worked on the planter the hubby mixed up some of his special soil for me (and insisted on filling the planter).   


In Conner went.  


I then I selected a special place for Conner to live.  


I chose to make his home outside my kitchen window. There is a little ledge out there and my hope is seeing him whenever I use the sink will remind me to water him.

Wouldn’t you know it. Today was my first day to water Conner and God took care of it. (I am choosing to look at it as a blessing and not assume even God knows I’m likely to kill Conner!). 

I am not certain what type of plant Conner is. My two year old decided to savagely pull the weeds…and plants…along the driveway of the empty house next to us. Yet, regardless of the trauma Conner went through or where he came from, he is now a part of our family (this wouldn’t be considered plantnapping would it?!?!).