Creative Spaces

I don’t know about you but when I write, draw, or paint I want a place that will motivate, energize, and inspire me. 

Before I let my creativity flow I take a moment to set up my “creative space.”

My “space” looks different based on my location. If I am working at home I make sure my back is to stuff like this.  

  Yuck, who could work with this disaster lurking in your face (Even if it did result in a counter full of amazing energy bites).

If you are the type of person that could work in the face of a household disaster can I just say you are AWESOME! 

No joke, I really think you are. 

I hate the internal unrest that fills me when my “work space” is filled with messes. 

Anywho BACK to the topic at hand: Awesomely set up creative spaces.  This was mine this morning. 

 Can I just say creativity in the foam of my latte and caffeine in my veins seriously gets my creative juices flowing!

What does your creative space look like? I am serious I would love to see it.  

Comment below and paint me a picture of it. If it’s outside your home tell me where you go (I’m always looking for new places to work and lurk). 

As a budding photographer and a visual learner I love pictures. Grab your phone and take a picture. Email it to me at or post it on Instagram and tag @myinsanitycheck 

I cannot wait to hear from you. 


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