Road to Independance

This sweet, angelic, peaceful baby boy came home from the hospital weighing under 4 pounds. At just two days old he was all that I just described him to be.

By one week old that sweet angelic peaceful boy found his voice and did not stop screaming. Poor Little Man was C-O-L-I-C-K-Y. His cries of discomfort and outrage did not stop until 10 months. It was at 10 months that he slept his longest; 4 hours.

My “Teacup Baby” at 2 weeks old wearing a Build-a-Bear outfit that had to be taken in to fit him.

Our oldest has kept us on our toes since. He is a determined, stubborn, perfectionist, who we fancied was strong-willed, until his younger sister and brother came along.

He is also sweet, helpful and caring.

Now this Little Man is five and DESPERATELY  wants to read. This should not come as a shock as he loves books and has always been of the “I can do it myself” mentality. Unfortunately, I lack confidence in my teaching abilities even though I am great at entertaining kids (but I am not lacking confidence in my research abilities!).


FullSizeRender (7)

I read rave review after review of this book so I ordered this bad boy and was thrilled when it arrived in the mail Wednesday.

I was not the only one who was thrilled!FullSizeRender (8)

My little man was ecstatic. He wanted to skip naps and start the 1st lesson right then. After explaining Mama needed to learn before she could help him learn he agreed –begrudgingly- to take a nap.

Reading through the Parents Guide was tedious, but in the books defense Wednesday was not a good day health-wise for me so everything was tedious.   One of my biggest concerns about teaching my children to read is that I suck at sounding out words. I can sound them out in my head but the connection between my brain and my mouth has a shortage (just ask any of my friends!). Therefore whatever I say out loud sounds nothing like what is being said in my head.

The parents guide has the parent sounding out the words before they teach their kids. They break it down very simply and I am already impressed.

We have completed the first two lessons, each lesson has several tasks, and they went really fast. The book say’s each lesson takes 15-20 minutes and I think as we get further into the lessons they will, but so far it has been around 5 minutes per lesson. I think a big part of that is because Little Man already knows all of his letters and the sounds they make, as well as sound combinations, and has not been challenged with the lessons yet. Excited but not challenged.


At the end of Lesson 1 we drew a calendar (it’s hard to see but he colored the page. It’s the ocean with the beach, horizon and sun). At the end of each lesson he writes L 1, or whichever the lesson number we did, on the day we completed it. The book encouraged having some sort of accomplishment chart with stickers.

We didn’t have stickers.

I improvised.

Added bonus; we get calendar time, work on our days of the week and dates, and he works on writing his letters and numbers.

If you have taught kids to read using the Distar method please share your thoughts.

I simply have to add one more picture. It was too cute of a moment not to share with the myinsanitycheck world!

FullSizeRender (9)
Little Man to Little Sister: Mom say’s this book is going to teach me to read. I have NO IDEA how that’s going to work. MAYBE IT WILL COME ALIVE  and grow arms and legs and START TALKING TO ME! Then when I learn to read I can read you stories when mommy and daddy are in meetings! Little Sister to Little Man: WWWWWOOOOOWWWW that’s so cool!

One thought on “Road to Independance

  1. Love it! So sweet when they start reading to each other 💕 great that you can take on this new challenge with your family, while you are taking your own schooling, teaching, and nursing!! Great job.
    I love reading your post, I am in your 3260 course and find your post relate closely to my own tracing and learning experiences. I teach clinically only so far and work part-time in a dental office two days a week and I am s mother of two .


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